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Monday, August 02, 2004

Yes! Mark Hacking is in Jail!

No longer just a "person of interest," now he's a suspect and has been arrested and put in jail. Good! Not too surprising really.
Police said that 50 minutes before Hacking called police, he telephoned friends to say his wife was missing. During that time, he went out and bought a queen-sized mattress without a box spring.
Now perhaps Lori's body can be located and she can be laid to rest properly.

Did I mention I've met this guy? He was working at the same hospital where he has been a patient for the past two weeks and that's the same hospital where the BSU was a patient 2 years ago. I remember him being the orderly that helped get her checked in when she transfered from the hospital in Ogden.

The other creepy thing about this character is that his actions could easily those of the BSU's first hubby. Many of Mark's circumstances are eerily similar and the BSU could easily ended up in Lori's predicament if she hadn't left him when she did. The sub-standard performance, particularly in relation to his siblings, the lying about plans and goals, the devotion to the LDS belief system were all aspects of her first hubby that made him a scary character.

He broke into her apartment one weekend, after I moved in, loaded one of my handguns and waited for us to return on a Sunday night. Luckily, we didn't return until Monday. When the break-in and the loaded weapon and missing photographs were discovered, we had him arrested. And I carried that same gun daily for a few weeks until he moved away...

Anyway, I got distracted. Sorry. I'm just glad that Mark Hacking is on his way to a long time in lock-up somewhere.

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